Monster Legends

Monster Legends strikes again with a brand new project!

“The Magic Tomato” is a comic series inspired by the fascinating world of Monster Legend, imagined and played by your favourite superhero Youtubers in the most hilarious way ever. Speaking of superheroes, here’s the story: Vanoss and his friends are living their ordinary lives in a monster world, until one day when Vanoss learns about a Magic Tomato - the Holy Grail of the Monster World, which has the powers to turn any monster into the biggest, baddest Monster in the land, a Monster Legend. Drawn by the excitement and promise of magical powers, Vanoss enlists his friends to go on a quest full of obstacles and competition from rivals who want the tomato for themselves. Undaunted, Vanoss, leads the quest to find the Magic Tomato, which will ensure he and his buddies receive Monsterhood.

That’s all I say more - follow the full story via Youtube and download the game for exclusive content, because you’ll going to have some serious fun with this!